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The Young Israel of Sunnyside is a traditional orthodox synagogue in a charming neighborhood of Western Queens, just east of Manhattan.
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Just a reminder that Rabbi Ron will have his Parshat Discussion on Wednesday, April 22nd @ 7:30 pm through ZOOM. Please let Rabbi Ron know if you would like to receive an invitation, sent to your email, to join the discussion. There is a link on the invitation that you can click on and it will tell you to join.

Rabbi Ron Wittenstein: (718) 406-9694, Email:

Dear Congregants,

As I speak for the Board of Directors of Young Israel of Sunnyside Synagogue, we wish to thank all those in our congregation that continue to donate to the shul during these very trying times. The pandemic has affected all of us financially and those that can donate are helping us maintain the space we have, provide contact through virtual Wednesday Torah classes and keep sending the emails that give you the calendar, Shabbat schedules and Rabbi Ron’s “Thoughts For The Week”, addressing the weekly Parsha. Also, any information that we feel can assist the congregants, is sent out through email as well. To those that do not have email addresses, we send out items through the postal service. The Rabbi is also available to talk or answer questions or concerns and the Office Manager, Irene, is working from home to keep us all connected. We could not do this without your help.

Thank you once again to all that donates to YISS.

Best Regards,

Howard Brickman, President of YISS

The Young Israel of Sunnyside


Please call Rabbi Ron Wittenstein at (505) 670-6840 if you are ever in need of assistance.